Chainlink Staking is FINALLY Coming

3 min readNov 29, 2023

In about 4 hours Chainlink will conduct its v0.2 upgrade and introduce the Chainlink Staking Platform, with a pool of 45m LINK.

This update comes after the initial beta version of Staking in v0.1 was released last year, with a 25m LINK staking pool.

How will Staking v0.2 work?

Chainlink v.02 will be a fully modular and upgradable Staking platform providing:

  • Unbonding Mechanism (instead of locking up staked LINK) providing greater flexibility for stakers while maintaining a non-custodial design
  • Slashing of node operator stake, introducing new cryptoeconomic security for the oracle services and the Chainlink protocol
  • Modular architecture to support future improvements and updates iteratively

The unbonding mechanism introduces a 28 days cooldown period to withdraw staked LINK, and is introduced to make sure:

  1. Staking pool is stable over a long period of time
  2. Ensuring there is sufficient staked LINK to be slashed in case of a valid alert

Driving Value to Token Holders

This is THE most awaited upgrade from Chainlink, providing more utility to the LINK token, and driving value back to token holders.




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