Crypto in 2023: Top Winners and Losers

8 min readDec 23, 2023

For this article I decided to do something different, reflecting on the past year and making two lists: the winners and the losers of 2023.

Let’s start with the ones who hoped for a better year.

2023 Losers

1. SBF

The inclusion of SBF here probably represents a bigger category, the smartasses who think they can just cheat their way up and cover up their sins with bribes and stacks of money. Well, SBF now is a first-person example that this is not always the case.

The previous bear market cycle has shown those who were bathing without a suit, with the most classic revolving door becoming between crypto firms and jails.

The US is trying to prove that anyone making their way up by cheating will be eventually brought to justice.

Nonetheless, SBF is also a testament to the issues plaguing our system, where media and governmental protection can be bought, and everyone can turn a blind eye if they pay enough to cover them.

As mentioned above the SBF category honestly includes any other scammer out there, who was acting all cool and cocky (I see you Do Kwon) and has finally been put in jail for good.

2. Gary Gensler

I feel sorry for this man, I can only think about a couple more examples of embarrassing politicians to the extent he does. The fact that he’s acting in bad faith is clear and proven by his past declarations. His crusade against crypto is his blood sacrifice to make it to the top, showing his soulless masters that he’s a good boy and will do everything in his power to safeguard the status quo.

I really pity this guy, I am quite sure he cries out loud when he goes back home.

For me, the biggest loser.

3. Elisabeth Warren




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