Making Ethereum Future Proof: What to Expect from the Ethereum Roadmap in 2024

8 min readJan 4, 2024

Never have I ever seen so much anti-Ethereum propaganda on my Twitter timeline.

Every other day there’s a new Layer 1 that is doubted as the “Ethereum killer”, but Ethereum doesn’t know it, so it remains undeterred, focusing on its growth and improvement

This commitment to progress is evident in the recently unveiled Ethereum roadmap for 2024, spotlighting key developments that promise to enhance scalability and user experience.

Among those, finally, a date was set for EIP-4844, which will make it much easier for Layer 2 to publish data on Ethereum.

While competition becomes fierce, these new ERC and EIP are set to greatly improve Ethereum’s scalability and user experience.

Let’s dive into these exciting updates, including ERC-4337, EIP-4844, EIP-3074, and EIP-5003.

ERC-4337: Revolutionizing Smart Contract Wallets

The introduction of the ERC-4337 standard is a significant leap in the evolution of smart contract wallets.




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